Thursday, May 26, 2011

Biden: 'We Have a Leader With the Backbone of a Ramrod'

Let's see. According to the Urban Dictionary, "ramrod" can mean any number of things: A dick, a penis, a crazy guy that refers to himself in third person and a large blunt object that protrudes into someones anal orphus.

Yup, that pretty much describes Obama.
“You can feel the change,” Biden noted, speaking before a crowd that included Gov. John Lynch, as well as former congressmen Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter, among other party leaders who lost their seats during last year’s elections.

“The American people get it, and they’re getting it more profoundly than ever before,” he said, his voice hushed to a dramatic whisper. “We have a leader with the backbone of a ramrod, and now the real Barack Obama … is coming into focus.”
Barack Obama: The man with a backbone of a penis!

Here's video of Crazy Joe:

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