Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steers, Queers, and Illegals

Georgia recently passed an illegal immigration bill patterned after the one passed in Arizona, and in doing so has inspired other states to also start passing legislation to do what the federal government won't do. There are a ton of laws on the books at the federal level that they simply have chosen not to enforce, forcing states to take action. A surprising fact to most people is that Georgia is actually second in the nation in the number of illegal aliens. Before the state took action, a couple of counties within the state had already taken action, which helped to push the legislation through the state house.

Now that Governor Deal has signed it into law, there are the supporters of illegal immigrants that have now decided to get very bold and in your face with their defiance of not only state laws but federal laws as well. A movement has been created to create sanctuary places for the illegals to gather. Going over the list of places it seems as if the militant gay community has teamed up with the La Raza types to spearhead this action. A list of these businesses and establishments participating in this overt illegal act is here

Consider this a public service for residents of metro Atlanta, who if they ever did business or frequented these places, may want to rethink that. Who knows, maybe this will be good for business but I would certainly hope some incompetent butt-kissing boob at the Department of Homeland InSecurity might want to take this opportunity to score some points with the boss and schedule some visits. This should certainly make the job easier, since they apparently are not concerned with staying in the shadows like so many liberals like to espouse.

Remember when folks committing illegal acts tried to avoid the spotlight? Hell, nowadays they give interviews, post details on the internet and just basically give a big middle-finger salute to the law enforcement community telling them that the law doesn't mean squat to them. I tend to get a little steamed when folks laugh in my face, especially when they are laughing at me and not with me.

UPDATE: The US Supreme Court has just upheld that portion of the Arizona law that requires employers to use the federal gov't E-Verify system, which is also a key component of the Georgia law.
"Arizona has taken the route least likely to cause tension with federal law," wrote Chief Justice John Roberts. "It relies solely on the federal government's own determination of who is an unauthorized alien, and it requires Arizona employers to use the federal government's own system for checking employee status."

Oh, thanks to former president George W. Bush for appointing Justice Roberts to the court.


Jon Brooks said...

I know the subject broached in your blog post is a serious one that must be addressed  by enforcing exisiting laws from the top down....but....looking at the picture
I couldn't help but think of the following caption.....

(Cue the spooky music background sound)

"I will now make the table levitate and the border secure!"

roux said...

We see them driving through on I-10 back to Mexico towing cars loaded to the top with junk every day.

el SOOPer said...

Roberts is a SCOTUS mackdaddy.

srdem65 said...

Unless you've seen it or been near it, it's hard to understand why Arizona started this whole anti-illegal thing in the first place.
Native Hispanics don't associate with the illegals, don't want to be lumped in with law-breaking, illiterates from a fourth-world country.
Most have never seen a doctor or a dentist, don't know what the urinal in the men's room is for, can't read or write Spanish much less English and are as backward as you can imagine.
The lefties who embrace the illegals treat them as "brown slaves" who will take any job, for any pay and never complain.  Small business keeps them on the payroll to hold down expenses and sometimes gives them a family member's SS number to boost their own income.
This mess is at the feet of the Federal government who refuse to close our border. 

Danishova said...

One of the participants is a marketing company in Athens, GA called Castleberry communications. Among their former or current clients is Chic-Fil-A.  No doubt they'll be giving them tons of business now.