Friday, May 27, 2011

Stunner: Fannie Mae Exec Who Hired Barney Frank's Boyfriend Used to Work for Frank

Nothing improper here, folks. Just move along. You're a homophobe if you think there was anything unseemly going on.
The Fannie Mae executive who hired U.S. Rep. Barney Frank’s former lover was a campaign donor and once worked for the congressman — but denies the Newton Democrat’s recommendation played a role in the controversial 1991 hiring.

Gerald McMurray, a retired Fannie Mae senior vice president, told the Herald yesterday that Frank “didn’t have any influence” in the hiring of the congressman’s former companion, Herb Moses, to a position with the mortgage giant.

“I put out a notice that I needed a person with a rural economic development background and I got a number of resumes. Herb’s resume came in and . . . he came in for an interview,” said McMurray, who now lives in Vermont. “I didn’t know there was any relationship between he and Barney until (Moses) told me.”
Uh, when did he tell you that? When you two were doing the horizontal mambo?
In a front-page story in yesterday’s Herald, Frank admitted he helped Moses land the plum post but called questions about a potential conflict “nonsense.”

At the time of the meeting, Frank was a junior member of the Financial Services Committee, which regulates Fannie Mae and other lending institutions.

“It’s a common thing in Washington for members of Congress to have spouses work for the federal government,” Frank said.
Um, not to quibble, but Moses wasn't Frank's spouse. Just saying.


Mike Florey said...

"Urban economic development"? Does a little backyard gardening qualify? ;)

Anonymous said...

The lisping and sashaying Barney Frank is the worst person America has ever created.