Monday, May 23, 2011

Faint Praise for T-Paw, But I'm Not Damning Him

Here's my take on Tim Pawlenty's candidacy for President of the United States.

I understand he used to be a RINO on a couple of issues.


He's seen the light now, I think.


He's not a kook.

He doesn't appear to have a fatal flaw.

He's not a tiresome Beltway relic.

Furthermore, he's actually running, and last time I checked that is still a prerequisite to winning the party nomination. He's also not allergic to tea parties, which is a nice touch. And of course, he's a far cry from the abject failure currently occupying the White House.

So I have Pawlenty penciled in as a definite possibility. He may be a tad boring, but that's OK - so is the the narcolepsy-inducing drone America elected last time around.

There are other potential candidates I'd be more enthusiastic about, but they haven't thrown their hats in the ring yet. Nudge me when they do and I'll reassess.


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