Saturday, May 28, 2011

High School Teaches ACLU a Lesson on Bullying

It's that time of year again. Schools are graduating and the ACLU is trying to ruin the graduating seniors' special day with their bullying tactics of threatening lawsuits, along with their partner in crime, a group known as Americans United for Separation of Church of State.

Well, I hope the Obamas are especially proud of these students this year in light of their campaign to address bullying among our youth. You see, these kids and their parents, friends and neighbors told the ACLU and their ilk to shove it and held their graduation in a church.

Quite honestly, it was the common sense answer and as anybody who was involved in this graduation will tell you, it was about logistics, not religion. One student out of the thousands who graduated took issue and this is what gave these two party-pooping sourpuss groups all the leverage they needed to threaten the lawsuit.

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of this whole separation of church and state argument to begin with. There is no part of the Constitution which advocates such a thing. The Constitution forbids the establishment of a state religion. The founding fathers wanted to avoid a repeat of what happened and was happening in England where whoever sat on the throne dictated the religion of the country and ruthlessly prosecuted those who didn't comply.

The entire phrase "separation of church and state" actually comes from some correspondence Thomas Jefferson had with a colleague that somehow made it into the comments made by Supreme Court justices in a case ruling in 1879, and as they saym the rest is history.

The use of a facility, which just so happens to have a cross atop the roof, does not make for the establishment of religion. Nobody makes attendance at the ceremony a condition of receiving a diploma, nor does anybody have to convert or engage in any sort of religious act for that matter.

Quite frankly, I remember very little about my own high school graduation. That is in part because I graduated early and already had a full-time job while awaiting word on the various colleges I had applied to. In fact, two hours after the actual receiving of the diploma I was back at work. While graduating high school is the high point of a young person's life, I would hope it winds up being merely another bullet point on their list of accomplishments in life. Savor it while it lasts, but always, always be planning your next accomplishment.

Congratulations to all those who graduated and I wish them well in their future endeavors.

Just to end on an upbeat note, here is one young lady who already has her next graduation planned.


VaGal said...

I. too, am sick and tired of the separation of church and state bs.  I thought it was disgusting that they laughed at O'Donnell (DE) when she asked where it is in the Constitution. It's another tactic by leftists that we have allowed them to get away with for far too long.  Of course, you can't have Communism without essentially destroying the Judeo-Christian faith so government can be worshipped instead. On the other hand, I wonder how different this case would have been if the ceremony were held at a mosque? 

southernsue said...

yes, this is the time the people of the US should start standing firm on what they believe.

i have always believed that obama and his ilk have plans for a civil war within this country, therefore, he will be able to call marshall law and stay as president.

i only know this, our country has never been so divided, as i can remember,we are not only being pulled apart financially , we as citizens, are at war with each other, either over race or class warfare, now both. this is the plan.

i pray for our country. i pray that GOD will intervene in this horrible administration. imho.