Thursday, May 19, 2011

Howie Carr Unloads After Boston Herald is Banished by White House

A classic rant from The Captain. Plus, his column today.
Was it something I said, Barry? Or should I say, Hussein?

So the Herald can’t be in the White House pool because we’re not in the White House tank?

Nixon would be proud.

Imagine if George Bush had tried to set up his own personal “Enemies List.” Where’s the ACLU when one of the Beautiful People unleashes his own Plumbers on the loyal opposition?

In case you missed it, the White House yesterday banned the Herald from the “pool” reporting list to cover the Messiah’s latest trip to Boston. Obama’s press office had to protect the Boston Globe, which once prided itself on being at odds with the Powers That Be. If the Globe’s current reporters were dogs, they would be described with one of two words.

“Spayed” or “neutered.” And I just thought of a third word — “lapdogs.”

All we asked was to be in the press pool. But nooooo. Because the Obama worshipers object to the front-page placement of an op-ed piece by Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney! Mother o’ God, they oughta be in church, praying to get Mitt Romney as their opponent in the presidential race next fall, but instead, they’re bent out of shape.

Getting back to Nixon, was he angry when George McGovern surged ahead of Ed Muskie? Obama — or George Soros and his minions who write the copy for Mr. President’s TelePrompTer — should be deliriously happy that we didn’t run a piece by Sen. Marco Rubio or U.S. Rep. Allen West — politicians who, unlike Mitt, don’t get a tingle up their legs every time they hear the words “individual mandate.”

The e-mail nixing the Herald was written by a flack named Matt Lehrich, formerly of Arlington, home of the perv in the Prius, Jimmy Marzilli. By an amazing coincidence, Lehrich happens to be a nephew of one David Axelrod, mouthpiece for the president. Matt Lehrich — another nationwide search!

You can easily understand why Obama and the rest of his pampered legacy lackeys don’t like the Herald. It’s the only newspaper in Boston for people who don’t live off Mommy and Daddy, who couldn’t check off the right box on their Ivy League admission forms to make sure they aren’t held to the same standards as working-class kids. Herald readers work for a living. Globe subscribers are like the Kennedys — they’ve had everything handed to them.
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