Friday, May 27, 2011

Dupnik's Affirmative Action Keystone Kops

Look I know Jammie already wrote about this, the execution of the Marine veteran by the Sheriff Dupnik Keystone Kops goon squad and now after seeing the video I am so furious I can't see straight. I will try to keep the language clean but I am that pissed after seeing the video.

The first thing that got my attention was that this hit squad suffer from a serious case of affirmative action feel good. Notice the female voices, not saying females can't be on what ever sort of team this was. It certainly wasn't a SWAT team, at least none that I have known. Second notice that the last two people in that queue have their weapons slung across their back. This indicates that they did not expect any resistance or that they were incredibly stupid.

This team also had no intentions of doing a simple arrest which is obvious by the actions of the members at the front who after knocking, if they announced who they were, it was only audible to those standing next to them knocked down the door and when their own officer's gun went off started shooting. Notice the nonchalant attitude of the guy who broke down the door. If you expect a bad guy on the other side you don't knock down a door and then turn your back and saunter away. These people were clueless and it honestly looks like they thought nobody was home.

This is a group of untrained amateurs, pretending to be police officers getting spooked by their own shadow and murdering an innocent person in their panic. I hope they never have another good night's sleep.

Congress can rake our service members over the coals calling them everything but a child of God for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan like Mssrs Kerry and the late Jack Murtha have done very publicly but this case carried out on American soil yields only yawns.

Those officers at the very least need to be fired for dereliction of duty and I would expect more serious charges related to manslaughter to be pressed. My opinion of this incident has only gotten worse since I first heard about this case and wrote about it.
I jsut can not get over the actions of this team that is on display in that video. Clueless, incompetent, untrained, undisciplined don't begin to describe it. Their incompetence is what led to the death of that Marine.


piraticalbob said...

At 45 seconds in, the cop on the left runs up to the door and just empties his pistol in about 2 seconds. Can anyone say "spray and pray?" Ghetto gangbangers could show that sort of "tactic" on a Saturday night outside a club.

uncledan said...

I'm glad to see JWF is on this topic and I hope you stay on it until it goes mainstream. Great work!

FrankG said...

the rt starts at the head - Dupnik is obviously an incompetant f*ck with a lib agenda. Fire his ass first and work your way down the criminal incompetence chain

Tea Party at Perrysburg said...

Why are the ROE for our soldiers in Afghanistan stricter than they are in this country? Why do our soldiers have to run the risk of getting killed by fanatics but our own citizens don't even have the assurance that a SWAT team won't fire first (badly, I might add) and then try to cover up when they kill somebody, Dupnik's call for peace notwithstanding.