Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aww: Little Tommy Brady Rides the Waterslide

Looks like his mommy Giselle is waiting for him at the bottom in case he gets hurt on the way down.
Now, Brady might have finally taken that last step required to transform from a super star quarterback to tiny little man girl.

There are some pictures circulating on the internet now that paint Tom Brady is a less than favorable light. Brady and his wife Gisele Bun...whatever, were on vacation recently and decided it would be fun to go down some water slides.

Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy a good water slide!? That fact that Brady was enjoying the water slide isn’t the issue here.

Tom Brady is 6’4” and 225lbs. He gets tackled by 300lb men for a living. Knowing that, if you had guess how Brady reacted on a water slide which would you choose:

A) Had fun and smiled a bit, but did not appear scared or nervous and simply high-fived Gisele when he got to the bottom.


B) Put his hands up on his sides like a scared four year old boy and looked terrified as he sped down the slide.

If you guessed A you apparently think waaaaaaay too highly of Tom Brady. Brady looked like he was squealing or terrified as he rounded the corner of the slide and some lucky paparazzi photographer captured a “great” photo of Brady’s reaction while he was.... enjoying.... the slide.
Check out the close-up at the link. He looks like a pre-schooler going down the slide. If this guy wasn't an NFL quarterback, I'd really consider calling for the revocation of his man card.

On the upside, that is Giselle Bundchen waiting for him at the bottom.

H/T Spitfire Murphy.

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