Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Climate Clowns Put Humanity on Trial at Global Sustainability Symposium

Talk about a kangaroo court. You supposed these so-called Nobel laureates will find in favor of humanity or do you suppose they find humanity guilty and suggest a punishment that will involve a carbon tax or some such idiotic scheme?

It's in the bag, folks.
Around 20 Nobel prize winners will preside over a mock courtroom in Stockholm on Tuesday, with the Planet Earth and humanity on opposing sides of the case, as part of a symposium to highlight global sustainability.

"It's a civil court case to see whether we've breached our relations" with the planet, "and to see how to restore that relationship," symposium chair Johan Rockström told reporters at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The "trial" will be one of the sessions at the third biennial Nobel laureate symposium on global sustainability -- a three-day event that opened in the Swedish capital Tuesday.

In addition to the Nobel laureates, leading scientists and environmental research group heads were on site to draft a Stockholm Memorandum on the findings of the meeting, which will be presented Wednesday to the United High-level Panel on Global Sustainability.

Rockström explained that one of the sessions had been shaped as a trial since "we've come to the point where just another meeting with another dialogue would fail to have an impact (and to clearly) communicate ... the possibilities and challenges we are facing."

"History will in any case judge us," Swedish Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren told reporters, explaining the "trial" was actually about humanity judging itself with future generations in mind.

Mario Molina of Mexico, the winner of the 1995 Nobel Chemistry Prize who is a science and technology advisor to US President Barack Obama, told the news
conference he hoped rationality, common sense and wisdom would strengthen the
planet's case in the "symbolic" trial.
Who's up for a mock trial of these climate frauds who've perpetrated the one of the greatest scams of all time upon an unwitting public? We've reprogrammed our lives under the guise of "going green" and it's done nothing for "humanity" except to make some people very wealthy at taxpayer expense and for these eggheads to give each other awards.

By the way, why does Obama have a science and technology adviser from Mexico? He can't find someone extreme enough here?

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