Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Year of Living Dangerously

Instapundit posted a link to the FBI crime stats for 2010 that was embedded in an article listing a ranking of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities. I was surprised to see that Atlanta was not on that list. I think the way Atlanta avoided it was due to the nature of the way the city limit lines are drawn. When it comes to number of murders, Atlanta is still high on the list, but these numbers would be even worse if they took into account the numbers from the south side of the county that Atlanta is located in but are separate cities.

Here is a list based solely on number of murders, and the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, apparently is killing a lot of people with all that love while Barry O's hometown has a death toll rivaling the number of soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 2010. (499)

New York City, NY pop 8,336,002 Murders 536
Chicago, IL pop 2,833,649 Murders 432
Detroit, MI pop 899,447 Murders 310
Philadelphia, PA pop 1,558,378 Murders 306
Los Angeles, CA pop 3,841,707 Murders 293
Houston, TX pop 2,280,859 Murders 269
Baltimore, MD pop 639,929 Murders 223
Dallas, TX pop 1,306,775 Murders 148
St Louis, MO pop 355,151 Murders 144
Washington D.C. pop 601,723 Murders 132
Phoenix AZ pop 1,544,427 Murders 117
Las Vegas, NV pop 1,416,401 Murders 107
Kansas City, MO pop 483,191 Murders 99
Oakland, CA pop 409,723 Murders 90

Just for an FYI, I thought I would throw in the statistics for Michael Moore's alleged hometown of Flint, MI.
Flint, MI pop 109,245 Murders 53


Richard Butler said...

Well Grunt, I see they left out some of the most important demographics of those cities. Now here's a short message to Eric Holder - who's really the coward when it comes to race?

edutcher said...

That really makes me sad. Frank Rizzo and, believe it or not, Arlen Specter made Philadelphia a fairly safe place 30 - 40 years ago.

That sack of slime, Eddie "Let's Make A Deal" Rendell and the Street brothers have undone it all and made back into what it was in the 50s.

roux said...

Why didn't New Orleans make the list with 274 murders?