Friday, May 20, 2011

Delicious Irony: Obama Fanboy Ed Schultz is Very Concerned About "Radical" Whippersnapper Paul Ryan

I'm not sure whether the doctors dropped Ed Schultz on his head in the delivery room or if he was recently kicked in the head by a mule. But somewhere along the way he must have experienced some severe head trauma. Poor guy. It obviously affects his political analysis.

Fortunately for Schultz, that sort of impairment is par for the course over at MessNBC.

Apparently, Mr. Ed believes that allowing Medicare to collapse while doing nothing (except of course demagoguing the bejeezus out of the issue) isn't radical at all. No, no - the radical plan I guess is to come up with a few common sense ideas that preserve benefits for seniors age 55+ while making necessary changes to the program for younger Americans, so that we might have a fighting chance at avoiding certain fiscal and societal calamity.

Who does Paul Ryan think he is, anyway - some neophyte community organizer with perfectly creased pants and an irresistibly cute boyish smile?

Special thanks to Newt Gingrich for teeing this one up for Schultz.

Via Newsbusters.


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