Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twitter User Who Caught Weiner 'Prank' Now a 'Conservative Blogger'

How can anyone expect the media to get this story right when such basic facts are mangled? This guy Dan Wolfe, assuming that's his real name, is the Twitter user who first noticed the offending Twitter post allegedly made by a hacker. It's taken days for the media to really start digging into the story, but here we are four days after the fact and we have a report calling Wolfe a conservative blogger. Is it really that difficult to distinguish between someone on Twitter and someone who runs a blog?
On Friday, Weiner's 40,000 Twitter followers were exposed to a below-the-waist image of an aroused man's boxer-briefs in what appeared to be a private missive posted publicly by mistake. It had been sent to 21-year-old Gennette Nicole Cordova of Seattle, whom he follows on Twitter.

Political opponents seized on the incident and compared Weiner to married former upstate GOP Rep. Chris Lee, who quit last year after being caught trolling http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giffor dates on Craigslist.

Then, Weiner's backers questioned why conservative blogger Dan Wolfe, who had been hinting about a Weiner scandal for weeks, appeared to be the only person to have noticed the dirty image and retweeted it. Wolfe yesterday told The Post he simply retweeted it from the original posting.
You can check out his Twitter feed here. There's zero evidence to show he's a blogger. Can we get the basic facts correct here, New York Post? By the way, the left is furiously trying to blame Wolfe for the "prank," as Weiner now weakly calls it. Good luck with that.

Update: Speaking of shoddy journalism, the New York Times glowingly portrays Weiner as some kind of Twitter icon while making zero effort to investigate the story. Crap like this should be in Tiger Beat, not the New York Times.


uncledan said...

The fact that the Left spin machine is in full force now only adds to my belief that the Weiner is guilty.

Pascal (the derivative) said...

This <strike>media</strike> (Agency of Lies) spin (the AOL chooses a person of interest and declares him conservative) is consistent with the Leftist institutional slogan "no enemies on the Left."

Their spin will remain favorable to Weiner until he becomes a burden, at which point AOL will "find out" that Weiner had been a covert fascist working to harm the "noble" Left.

I'd feel sorry for Weiner's prospectgs except I'm too occupied watching the ongoing demise of our republic with which he has been complicit.

Keir Heath said...

Forget the left/right spin, or tirade against the media. This is this week's example of a the typical American politician: obfuscating, self-righteous and attacking others for their own inadequacy. Instead of coming out and clearing up the matter, he makes claims that others manipulated the photo, describing it as an "hoax" and "prank" yet refusing to get the police involved for hacking into his personal files and disseminating pornographic material. If this is his cavalier attitude towards material he is expected to be entrusted with on his watch, how can he be trusted to maintain his community's security?

Pascal (the derivative) said...


JWF -- I knew I was correct about the Marxist slogan of "no enemies on the Left" and the role of Agency of Lies. But even I was unprepared for how quickly Weiner would be hit by it 8-) :
"Reuters misidentifies Rep. Anthony Weiner as a Republican"
Continue reading on Examiner.com Reuters misidentifies Rep. Anthony Weiner as a Republican - Spokane Conservative | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/conservative-in-spokane/reuters-misidentifies-rep-anthony-weiner-as-a-republican#ixzz1OKdc9Kiu