Sunday, May 29, 2011

Palin Thundering Into DC

I have to admit, she looks hot in black.
Sarah Palin's participation in the annual Memorial Day parade in Washington, D.C., has fueled as much noise about a potential presidential candidacy as the thousands of motorcycle-riding veterans participating in the Rolling Thunder ride-along Sunday.

At the Pentagon parking lot where the mob of veterans and their families pre-position for the thunderous two-wheeler march down Constitution Ave, Palin, who was not expected to address the Memorial Day crowd, said she was thrilled to participate.

"I love that smell of the emissions," she said, donning sunglasses and a Harley Davidson skullcap-style, black helmet.

Despite her low-key role, her presence is notable for the short notice and speculative chatter it has generated. Her appearance is part of the "One Nation" tour she announced just days ago on her website.
Could you imagine Obama on a chopper? Neither can I. Especially since this image is seared into my memory.


Morgan said...

Those two pictures sum it up nicely

billypaintbrush said...

were the training wheels photoshopped out?

this guy is just such an arrogant little sissy-boy.  i look forward to watching him leave the WH in disgrace

srdem65 said...

Ride, Sarah, Ride!  Keep them guessing.

Richard Butler said...

And to top it all off it's a <span>girls's</span> bike. Man oh man he inspires the legacy of Dennis Hopper in me.

GWHH said...

Everytime I see this photos I think of this.  Don't send a BOY to do a MAN job!

GWHH said...

arrogant little sissy-boy.  prefect description of him!