Friday, September 02, 2011

Lame: Democrat Plans to Ask a Republican to Sit With Him During President Zero's 'Jobs' Speech

Memo to Congressional Republicans: Stay far, far away from Democrats at Obama's speech. In fact, if they were wise they'd be anywhere but Washington come next Thursday.
There will likely be at least some bipartisan seating in the House chamber for President Obama’s speech next week.

Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) does not plan to renew his previous call for lawmakers to sit together in a symbolic gesture of unity. However, he intends to set an example at Obama’s jobs speech, which will take place before a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8.
Aw, a symbolic gesture of unity. Where was that so-called unity when his party was busy calling Republicans hostage takers last month? Has Udall denounced his fellow Democrat who said tea partiers want to see blacks hanging from trees?
“Mark Udall plans to ask a Republican to sit with him at the president’s speech, just as he did at the State of the Union address,” Udall spokeswoman Tara Trujillo said in an email Friday. “Mark hopes other members of Congress will do the same."

Udall sent a letter to fellow lawmakers in January prior to Obama’s State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress.

“It's time to take action by crossing the aisle and sitting together,” Udall wrote. “It's a simple step, but an important one that will go a long way in bridging our political divide.”
Um, no. It'll create a false image that the majority is going along with what is sure to be rehashed, tired plans from President Zero.


Grotjan said...

Rep. Walsh of Illinois is not even going.  I don't blame him.  Obama scolded the Supreme Court at the State of the Union.  Then he invited Paul Ryan to a speech and delivered the most partisan speech imaginable and scolded Ryan in the process.

We get it.  Obama likes to be be petty and attack his opposition in forums where they can't respond.  There is no doubt he'll follow the same playbook this time.  I hope more Republicans join Walsh and boycott the speech.

kj said...

P a h l e e e a a a s e!!!!!  DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

rich b said...

Once again with the progressives, it's all about "appearances". Piss on em. I wonder who has, er gets to sit with Marxine Waters. Phony asshats.