Thursday, September 01, 2011

Mediaite Dunce: Boehner Should Resign for Disrespecting King Putt

Painfully dumb, yet entirely predictable.
The mainstream media, and even some in the liberal opinion media, have completely missed the point of President Obama’s dust-up with Speaker John Boehner over the date for Obama’s address before a joint session of Congress. MSM yakkers have advanced the “pox on both their houses” meme, while liberals like Ed Schultz accuse the President of “caving,” all ignoring the fact that Boehner has insulted and disrespected the office of the President of the United States, and should resign.
Is this clown on the White House payroll? Seriously, there's near unanimous consensus among the sane that Obama came off looking like a total chump after his fiasco yesterday. Why on earth should John Boehner resign because Obama looks like an idiot?

These lefty clowns are embarrassing themselves every day, and we've got 14 months still to go before Obama is voted out of office. Their mental breakdowns will be quite fascinating to behold.


Ken Moore said...

The fiasco includes WH being inattentive to logistics.
Quoted by BBC, Daily Caller etc but most complete summary at Conservatives4Palin: "Boehner (reminded) the president that congress wasn't scheduled to be back in session until the 7th of September with voting starting at 6:30pm. SInce both, a vote in both houses plus a three hour security sweep is required to take place before a joint session could take place, the timing Obama has chosen simply could not work."

roux said...

He should have told him no a 2nd time..... I don't know about anyone else but I'll be watching the Saints and Packers.

FrankG said...

I'd rather watch the Saints-Packers pregame show. More honesty, less preening, and less  arrogant blamecasting

rich b said...

To be disrespected you have to have some respect first.. Respect is something earned. Respect is something above Omama's paygrade.

Mekhong Kurt said...

Speaker Boehner should give up his office because he is completely unwilling to advance anything -- except to defeat each and every proposal the President puts forth, not because of this dust-up. (In which, by the way, I feel the White House deserves considerable criticism. But the Speaker is a complete loser, as a Speaker. Let Cantor give it a try, though he would probably be an equal zero.)