Friday, September 09, 2011

NY-9 Debate Shocker: Democrat Weprin Says He Won't Be Voting for Himself

No, he hasn't had a sudden change of heart and decided to vote for Republican Bob Turner. He doesn't live in the district, and has no plans to move in even if he wins.
The candidates were also forced to defend where they live. Weprin does not reside in the district and cannot vote for himself on Tuesday.

“My mother lives in the district, and I'll be happy to go with her to vote,” said Weprin.

He would not, however, commit to moving into the district should he win the race.
That's nice. So the Democrats are running a man who doesn't live int he district and has no plans to move into it if he should win. I wonder how that would be spun in the media if Turner lived outside the district. Turner lives in Breezy Point, which the story helpfully points out is almost all white. What that has to do with anything is anyone's guess.
Turner, meanwhile, lives in Breezy Point, a private community in Queens. It’s in the district, though it’s 99 percent white.

“I live in the Rockaways, which is heavily integrated,” said Turner. “I don't see this as a particular issue.”
At least he's in the district.

Meanwhile, in a breathtaking blunder, the Democrats, who yesterday poured nearly half a million dollars into Weprin's flailing campaign to stave off complete humiliation, released an ad showing an image of a plane flying over the Manhattan skyline.

Just hours after releasing it, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pulled a TV ad set to air for next week’s New York special election.

The problem was an image of a plane flying over the Manhattan skyline — meant to be a corporate jet to represent Republican Bob Turner’s support for corporate tax loopholes — that evoked anger in some corners for the echoes it brought up just days before the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The ad was removed from YouTube and replaced with a new edition that omitted the New York City skyline after several media outlets questioned the sensitivity of the ad.

Here's a screen shot from the original ad.

Here's the remade ad. It's incredibly cheesy. Democrats just can't let go of that lame "corporate jet" line of attack.

Meanwhile, the desperate Weprin is also taking money from a radical George Soros front group.
That was some chunk of change -- more than a half-million bucks -- that out-of-town Democrats dropped yesterday on David Weprin, their insider-selected nominee for Anthony Weiner’s House seat.

Are DC’s donkeys scared? Uh, ya think?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent $483,500; the Democratic Super PAC House Majority, another national group (funded by radical lefty moneyman George Soros), rushed in with another $100,000 -- in part for a quickly yanked TV ad depicting Turner buzzing Manhattan’s tall towers in a jet airplane.

Message: Turner’s not just Tea Party -- he’s al Qaeda!

Update: Turner leads by six in Siena poll.


James Hlavac said...

Um, doesn't someone have to live in the district in which he runs? Isn't that the law? I don't get this, how can he do that? Does he just use his mommy's address?

Mickey Morgan said...

Nothing new. My "representative" H. Fortney "Pete" Stark lives in Maryland. His district is in California. He uses his in-laws' house as a mail drop.