Thursday, September 01, 2011

Obama's Drunken Illegal Alien Uncle Also a Tax Cheat, Plans to Fight Deportation

A tax cheat? Heck, that should grant him an honorary spot in the Obama administration.
President Obama’s uncle will fight deportation to his native Kenya, one of his lawyers said yesterday, because he has lived in the United States for nearly 50 years and now considers it his home.

Onyango Obama, 67, a half-brother of the president’s father, has turned to the same law firm that helped his younger sister, Zeituni Onyango, overturn a deportation order and win asylum in Boston last year.

Obama was last ordered deported in 1992, but he remained in the United States until Framingham police arrested him last week on drunken-driving and other charges.

“He does want to stay,’’ said Scott Bratton, who with lawyer Margaret Wong in Cleveland have taken on Obama’s case. “He’s just been here for such a long period of time. He hasn’t been to Kenya in forever. He was young when he came to the United States.’’

Bratton said the legal team is still piecing together the details of Obama’s case, and he did not know why the federal immigration courts ordered Obama to leave the country in 1992 - nor why he never left.

The details of Obama’s life that emerged this week trace his path from a fresh-faced young soccer star who charmed classmates at a Cambridge preparatory school in the 1960s to a high school dropout who would disappear into his own networks in Massachusetts. Obama then became a grown man who ran afoul of the Internal Revenue Service, federal immigration authorities, and finally, Framingham police.
I wondering how many different identities this guy's used.
Obama owed the IRS a total of $3,876.52 for the tax years 1987 and 1988, according to a lien filed in the Middlesex South District Registry of Deeds in 1990. Later, the agency filed another lien targeting Obama under the name of Obama O. Onyango, saying he owed them $971.35 in taxes for the 1990 tax year. The registry has no record showing that Obama paid the bills.
Paying taxes are for the little people.

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rich b said...

We don't want Uncle Oingo Boingo here either. We've got enough assholes here on the left coast to last until the end of time. San Francisco alone could supply the world with enough idiots until Hell freezes over.

Speaking of nitwits has anyone read about the workers comp tax for .... Babysitters that is currently making its way through our state lawmakers. It may have already passed. I may have read about this ridiculous tax idea here but I think it was posted on or Michelle Malkin.