Friday, September 02, 2011

President Zero Begins Lowering Expectations for So-Called Jobs Speech

Hey, when you're stuck on zero, why even bother?
In what could be a way of lowering expectations for next Thursday's big economic speech, aides to President Obama are privately spreading word that he will not present his entire jobs plan in his address to a Joint Session of Congress.
Of course he won't present the whole thing. He doesn't have a plan!
Aides say Thursday's speech will be part of a bigger plan the White House will roll out throughout the fall with the president hitting the road for speeches and town hall appearances. Aides have already confirmed that Obama will be traveling to California, Colorado, and Washington state for one three-day swing later this month that will include economic events as well as some fundraising.

The move could be a way to try and lower the stakes for Thursday's Joint Session appearance, but it could also be an attempt by the administration to show the president is trying to stay all over the economy heading into what will likely be an uphill re-election battle.
About that fundraising.
Let the games begin: President Barack Obama is hitting two California fundraising gold mines for his seventh trip to the state later this month -- including a Sept. 25 stop in Silicon Valley, we've learned.

And there will also be a two-fundraiser stopover the next day to the Los Angeles area.
This is how he gets away with campaigning on the public dime.


Anonymous said...

What else does he want to destroy next?

rich b said...

No plan? I'm shocked. This is completely "unexpected".

Bonfire of the Idiocies said...

Of course he has a plan.  His plan is to appear to have a plan so that everyone thinks he has a plan so he can blame everyone else when the plan he doesn't really have doesn't get implemented. Don't forget, this is a man who plays 11-dimension chess with a checkerboard - and LOSES!