Saturday, April 17, 2010

Befuddled Clinton: Rush Doesn't Make Any Sense

Considering he's the one who basically linked Tea Partiers with Tim McVeigh, he's the one who isn't making any sense. This despicable behavior by the left is indeed causing plenty of anger and it'll play out on election day, trust me. They can't handle dissent, they can't handle the truth and they won't be able to handle a massive defeat on November 2. Instead of treating the opposition with decency and respect, we get this gutter politics of the lowest order, and their braindead zombie followers all go after Rush.

To think I almost looked back on him nostaligically considering what an abomination we currently have in the White House. Then he has to go out and step in it and remind us again what a lowlife guttersnipe he is.

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