Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Could Somebody Get These Pesky Reporters Out of Here?

For a guy who seems is on our television every day, he sure is somewhat of a recluse when he doesn't control the crowd, know the questions ahead of time, or have his teleprompter to lean on.

Dana Milbank writing over at the Washington Post has an article up about how the foreign press is less then impressed with the open way that Barry O has of dealing with the press. They are just now finding out what we here in America have been dealing with for over a year in regards to the Democrats. They do their dirty work behind closed doors, late in the night, and away from any scrutiny.
Reporters, many in a "filing center" about a quarter-mile away from the leaders' meetings, relied on dispatches from colleagues allowed in as the press pool. The dispatches, over three days, were uniform: "They were too far away to hear conversation. . . . Again, Obama had nothing to say of substance that pooler heard. . . . We were in for all of 30 seconds. No news; no quotes and again no statements. . . . Same deal folks."
Most open and ethical government evah!

Most telling is that a lot of these reporters are used to dealing with rules imposed on them by their home countries, which have an entirely different definition of what free speech and freedom of the press mean. They didn't expect this kind of treatment in America.

But that is Barry O, being made a fool of by our enemies and alienating our friends. Soon the whole world will hate us.


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