Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dude, Where's My Backlash?

Nearly two weeks into transformational change and "free" healthcare, the numbers just keeping looking worse for Democrats. Of course if you listen to them we should all be trembling in a corner somewhere worried that a backlash is coming if we dare to criticize these buffoons.

How's that working out now?
President Obama headed to Maine to tout the benefits of health care reform Thursday, but one place Democrats don’t seem to be feeling any benefit right now is in the polls.

A fresh Gallup survey out Thursday has Republicans moving back ahead of of Democrats in generic ballots, with 47% of voters saying they’d vote for an unnamed Republican while 44% say they would back a Democrat.

This is not good news for Democrats.

“These results suggest the Republicans would have a strong showing if the midterm elections were held today," said Gallup pollster Jeffrey Jones. "Since Republicans usually vote at higher rates than Democrats, the Republicans’ edge in voter preferences would likely exceed what the registered voter results indicate.

The poll numbers could spell doom in the midterm elections.

“A Republican advantage among all registered voters in midterm elections has been rare in Gallup’s 60-year history of tracking congressional voting preferences," said Jones, "happening only a few times each in the 1950, 1994, and 2002 election cycles — all years in which Republicans had strong Election Day showings.”

The poll doesn’t directly blame health care reform for Democrats’ woes, but it does find a dramatic jump in voter enthusiasm since the reform passed. Many Democrats believed they needed to pass health reform to keep their base motivated, and the survey finds the percentage of Democrats saying they are very enthusiastic about voting in November leaping from 25% to 35% since March 21.

But the percentage of enthusiastic Republicans also jumped, from 43% to 50%.
Oops. Now wonder the Democrats are in hiding during the recess, even after their alleged "victory" over the American people.

Even Babs Boxer is sending out the warning to soon-to-be extinct Democrats, but she's got a secret plan: Run against Karl Rove.
But Boxer took the attacks by at least one Republican, Karl Rove, a former top political guru for President George W. Bush, as a badge of honor.

"Karl Rove is the architect of the most disastrous economic policies this country has ever seen," Boxer said in response to comments by Rove suggesting the senator is beatable this fall. "So if Karl Rove is against me, I think that's in my favor."

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