Friday, April 02, 2010

Gallup: Views of Pelosi Not Fundamentally Changed; Translation: People Still Despise Her

Nice way to spin a poll on a woman even more disliked than King Barack and about as popular as flaming rectal itch.
Americans' views of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are not fundamentally changed after the passage of healthcare reform. Though more Americans now have an opinion of her, both her favorable and her unfavorable ratings are up from the last reading, to 36% and 54%, respectively.

The currently net-negative view of Pelosi from the March 26-28 USA Today/Gallup poll stands in stark contrast to opinions of her as she became speaker of the House in January 2007. At that time, twice as many Americans viewed her favorably (44%) as unfavorably (22%).

Opinions of Pelosi grew more negative over the course of her first two years as speaker, such that about as many Americans viewed her favorably as unfavorably. During the last year, Americans' views have become much more negative than positive.
Yeah, no fundamental changes there. Her negative rating is down only 32% in three years.

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