Friday, April 09, 2010

Good Grief: Is Ben Smith Really This Stupid?

To think I used to like this guy. Has he guzzled so much Democrat Kool-aid that he still has to whine about Hurricane Katrina five years later? Hey Ben, in case you don't remember, everyone was told to get out of New Orleans and many people didn't listen. It wasn't George Bush's fault that Ray Nagin was so stupid and thousands of others didn't pay attention to the forecasters.

Seriously, is there a statute of limitations on blaming natural disasters on one man?
Five years after President Bush's failed response to a natural disaster in New Orleans deeply damaged his party's credibility and helped sweep them from power, top Republicans speaking to supporters in New Orleans tonight made no mention of Hurricane Katrina.

The series of speakers to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference at a Hilton conference center on the Mississippi River paid passing tribute to New Orleans' food, its culture, and its championship football team, but made no reference to the disaster still shadowing what Mary Matalin called a "vibrant city."

New Orleans has rebounded, with a tourist industry and elements of its infrastructure rebuilt, but the Census Bureau estimates that its population is only 75% of what it was ten years ago. And the city is still working its way through some of the storm's horrors: The Times Picayune this evening is leading its website with the story of the guilty plea of one of several police officers accused of firing on unarmed civilians during Katrina.
Maybe New Orlenas has rebounded in part thanks to the Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal.

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