Monday, April 05, 2010

Meet the 'Beaster Bunny'

Good Lord, look at the size of this creature. Must be taking some bunny steroids.
At 4ft 3in from nose to tail, Darius the Continental Giant has been crowned the world's biggest rabbit. And he's still growing.

Darius, pictured with six-year-old Georgia Hadley, is only just over 12 months old and breeder Annette Edwards expects him to keep adding to his 3st 7lb bulk for at least another six months.

That's good news for her greengrocer in Worcester because he already eats 12 carrots, six apples and two cabbages a day.

Thanks to his huge appetite, he has stolen the title from Alice, who also weighs 3st 7lb but at 3ft 3in is a foot shorter than her offspring.

And Darius may grow bigger still. Former pet shop owner Annette Edwards, who bred both rabbits, said she expects him to keep developing for at least six months before reaching his full size.

She said: 'He is very gentle and I wonder if this has helped him grow bigger than the rest. But he also runs around, so the combination of food and exercise has worked out for him.

'He really is a handsome beast and there's always a glint in his eye when you go near him.

'The frightening thing is that Darius is still growing so he could be absolutely massive by the time he reaches full size.'
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