Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Washington Man Charged With Threatening Senator Murray

Unlike the maniac who threatened to kill Eric Cantor, I'm sure this story will merit mention on the evening newscasts.
A Washington state man has been charged with threatening to kill Democratic Washington Sen. Patty Murray over her support for health care reform.

Court documents say federal agents arrested Charles Alan Wilson in Yakima on Tuesday.

An FBI agent's probable cause statement says Murray's office in Seattle reported the threats, which were left on voice mail from a blocked telephone number. Agents say they traced the calls to Wilson's home in Selah, near Yakima.

Murray's office told the FBI that it had been receiving harassing messages from the caller for months, but they became more threatening as Congress was voting on health care legislation.
Clearly anyone dumb enough to threaten public officials deserves what they've got coming. The fact this idiot did it from his home should earn him bonus time.

Naturally the usual suspects in the leftwing blogosphere are giddy and breaking out their usual juvenile "teabagger" comments. We have no knowledge that Wilson had any affiliation with tea parties, nor do we know if he's a Republican or Democrat. But that won't stop the left from shamelessly smearing millions of people by the actions of one man.

A Charles A. Wilson who would match the suspect's age is listed in the Washington voter database but it does not identify by party affiliation and it doesn't appear he's listed close to the city where the suspect reportedly hails from.

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