Thursday, April 01, 2010

We're In The Best of Hands

Hank Johnson is a representative from Georgia. He beat Cynthia "The Cutest Communist in Congress" McKinney for the honor of representing the people of the fourth congressional district. He is a perfect representative for this group. As evidenced by Mr Johnson having a "D" behind his name. This is something the people in this district are very comfortable with. It not only represents the highest grade they achieved in school, but it is also as far as they got in the alphabet, which explains how they continue to send these stellar statesmen to Washington.

Mr Johnson loves to take on social problems. The problem in this case is worrying about Guam tipping over if we move too many Marines over there.

No seriously. I wrote this post in a simple manner so hopefully any of his followers that stumble across this will be able to comprehend understand read this.

On the other hand, having him in Washington is better then having him walking the streets around here.

Please don't ever ask him if he has read the bill, any bill.

UPDATE: Looks like the opinion of Rep Johnson is bipartisan.
From Twitter: markos
Correction: Georgia DEM Rep. Hank Johnson, stupidest man in DC:

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