Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And They Want To Build A Mosque at the 9/11 Site...

For anybody who still doesn't get it, here is a gentle reminder of how Christians are treated in areas which fall under the influence of the Islamic regime from the country that Barry O spent some of his youth in.

After a series of protests by local extremist Islamic groups, the city decided to close the church and suspend the GKI despite the fact that the Christian group had all the necessary permits to build its church and practice its faith.

For some time, local Islamic groups had been protesting publicly and violently against Christians, accusing them of “proselytising”. They are certainly opposed to Christians having any building, even if the latter did not have a religious purpose.

Islam isn't a religion, it is a totalitarian regime which hides behind a veneer of religion to push it's goal of global conquest and a return to the good old days of the 9th Century Dark Ages.

In related news, an Atlanta suburb just denied the expansion of an Islamic center, which, of course, has all those good peace loving Muslim foot soldiers pitching a hissy fit.

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