Sunday, May 23, 2010

Classy: WaPo Features Book 'Repuglicans'

They'd sure as heck never show Democrats portrayed this way or, heaven forbid, images goofing on Mohammed.

But Republicans? Hey, they're fair game.
No one, it seems, is safe from a monster mash-up. This publishing sensation took off with “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” in which ultra-violent zombie mayhem was grafted onto the Jane Austen classic. The blood has flowed into many knock-offs: “Wuthering Bites,” "Little Women and Werewolves," "Emma and the Vampires.” Historical political figures are not immune. Witness the recent publication of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter.”

Now the gore has spilled into the monstrous swamp of American politics with “Repuglicans: They Came to Feed on the Body Politic,” a gallery of ghoulish portraits of conservative political figures, including Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney, Mike Huckabee and others.

The art work is the product of Pete Von Sholly who storyboards feature films and draws graphic novels. “I don’t have anything against conservatives or Republicans or “tea partyers” … per se,” he writes in the introduction. “But … some people will say ANYTHING in their frothing frenzy of freak out, no matter how insane.”
Yeah, he has nothing against them, except the fact he obviously hates them.
Steve Tatham, a comedian who describes himself as a recovering Republican, provides commentary on the public personages. He defines the term “Repuglican” thusly: “First of all, it is not synonymous with ‘Republican.’ There are 55 million Republicans in the United States. Most of them are decent, honorable people.” Tatham thinks that the Republican beliefs of limited government, state’s rights, traditional American values and a pro-business philosophy are all reasonable and worthwhile. Real Republicans and real Democrats, in his view, all want the United States to be a better place for everyone. A Repuglican, he says, “is someone who espouses conservative ideology to serve his or her own personal agenda without concern for the greater public good. A Repuglican knowingly manipulates the public, whipping them into a frenzy through not entirely true statements, in order to further his or her own career.”
What's worse, a deranged liberal or someone who pretends to have been a Republican to sell books?

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