Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Undocumented Migrants' Lead Border Patrol on 100-Mile Chase

Considering what an awful country this is you have to wonder why these 'undocumented' people are so desperate to get in here? Instead of deporting these miscreants, I say we drop them off at the White House and let them live there.
Border Patrol agents chased a Ford Expedition 100 miles from the Mexico border to Irvine early Saturday morning before taking the driver and six undocumented passengers into custody, authorities said.

About 1:25 a.m. in Otay Mesa, a border town, an agent noticed several people suspected of being illegal immigrants jump into the Expedition, said Border Patrol spokesman Michael Jimenez.

The Border Patrol and other agencies gave chase by car and by helicopter as the SUV sped north, at times exceeding 100 miles per hour, Jimenez said. The SUV raced up the 805 Freeway to the 5 Freeway, and finally came to a stop -- almost an hour after the chase began -- on the shoulder of I-5 near the Culver Drive exit in Irvine, he said.
So we're wasting taxpayer dollars on these criminals and are just supposed to suck it up and take it. If we complain we're raaaaacist!
Jimenez said the driver, a 38-year-old Mexican citizen whose name he declined to release, is being held pending possible charges. He said the six occupants did not appear to have significant criminal records. “They were processed and will be returned to Mexico,” he said.
Possible charges? Huh? Nice to see the undocumenteds didn't have significant records, but I guess they still have records.

So we have some illegal maniacs endangering the lives of motorists along a 100-mile stretch of the interstate and it's just "ho hum" business as usual.

But don't forget, it's the GOP risking alienating Hispanic voters if we dare to complain about this behavior, so shut up all you bigots.

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