Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great News: Registered Sex Offender Got Census Job

So nice to see the authorities are doing proper background checks. Earlier this month we noted the case of a Census worker who raped and beat a handicapped woman, a story that received very little notice in the media. Now we discover some mutant in South Jersey used a fake name to score a Census job, but thanks to the sex offender registry a sharp-eyed woman spotted this thug.
A convicted sex offender has been arrested after using a fake name to get a job as a United States Census worker in New Jersey, police said.

Frank J. Kuni, a registered sex offender in Pennsauken, is facing several charges after he portrayed a census worker during a visit to a home on May 4.

Pennsauken resident Amy Schmalbach said Kuni knocked on her door and asked her several questions. Schmalbach thought the man looked familiar and she soon realized why.

Schmalbach said she had seen Kuni's face on New Jersey's sex-offender registry online. After making the connection, Schmalbach contacted police and Kuni was eventually taken into custody.
Yesterday, Homeland Security raided his residence. Better late than never, I guess.
Action News has learned the Department of Homeland Security issued a search warrant in connection with the case of a convicted sex offender who got a job as a Census worker in New Jersey.

Those warrants are for two locations in connection to Frank Kuni, who is being charged with using a fake Social Security number in the application he filled out in March to get the Census job.

Pennsauken Police and the Social Security Administration's Office of Investigations are also involved in the search warrant.

They are searching for laptop computers, false ID's or any documents that would be able to prove he used false identification. They have already confiscated numerous laptops and large sums of money.

This case came to light earlier this week, when Action News reported that Pennsauken resident Amy Schmalbach recognized Kuni from the NJ State Police sex offender registry.

He had come to her door as part of his job, and Schmalbach let him in because he had the proper credentials. Soon, however, she realized something wasn't right.

Schmalbach told Action News, "I looked closely at his face and I realized I recognized this man from the NJ State Police sex offender registry."

Kuni is a registered sex offender who's served time for a number of crimes including inappropriate contact with children. Kuni was convicted in 1996 of sexually assaulting one girl and having inappropriate contact with another.

"He has a laundry list of things he's done," Schmalbach said, "and he could have very well hurt me or, even worse God forbid, my son."

Kuni used one of his 16 aliases to get a job with the U.S. Census, which fired him after he failed the fingerprint and background check. But he'd already started making house visits before being let go.

Fernando Armstrong, the U.S. Census Regional Director, told Action News, "This is an isolated incident, that fortunately we were able to identify and pull the ID and terminate his appointment."
Oh yeah, an isolated incident? So how the hell was he able to work after failing a background check?

You would think for the billions being spent wasted on this Census they'd be able to spot these creeps before they're issued credentials.

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