Friday, May 21, 2010

Indentured Servitude Way Of Life For Democrats

Democrats might want to cut all this crap about civil rights out when it seems that indentured servitude is a way of life for their party members. Imagine your employer coming to you and ordering you raise X number of dollars to stay in good standing.
Term after term, Lewis easily wins reelection in a district that is solidly Democratic -- a district that even many Republicans consider "safe" for Lewis, for as long as he wants to serve. He continues to try to raise money, trying to match the Republicans in neighboring districts who are members of the million-dollar fund-raising club. So he's spending lots of the campaign money that he does have on consultants, to help him raise even more money.

Here's the email that Lewis's office in Washington sent to 11Alive News on Thursday:

"Cong. Lewis... said that he not only has a Republican challenger, and he does take that challenge seriously, but he also has financial obligations as a member of the Democratic leadership. As senior chief deputy whip, he is required to raise $350,000 to pay his dues to the Democratic National Committee and about $500,000 to contribute to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to support other Democratic candidates. So he's not just raising money for himself, but developing resources that will support other Democratic candidates around the country. This, he said, is a matter of public record."
The only hardcore Democrat principle seems to be show me the money. Might explain why William "Cold Hard Cash" Jefferson was protected for so long by his Democrat cronies. Some of that money was probably destined for the Democrat coffers and he was just being a good little fundraiser.

If you try that in civilian life law enforcement has a term for that type of behavior. Extortion. It gets Gotti a jail cell and politicians reelected.

Who knew it cost so much money to be a Democrat? And they call Republicans fat cats.

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