Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Video SEIU Doesn't Want You To See

Imagine leaving your teenage child home alone on a nice Sunday while you and spouse went out for a little while. Now imagine 500 angry, sign waving, bullhorn blaring, union apparel wearing thugs showing up on your front lawn, trapping your child inside.

Well that is exactly what happened to a guy, Greg Baer, who works as general counsel for Bank of America.

The Democrats provide the rhetoric and political cover and the SEIU provides the muscle. When will they show up on your lawn just because you happen to be associated with villain of the day as designated by Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama or any of the Democrats in Washington? Work for a health insurance company? I would hold off on sodding that front lawn. Ever had any dealings with an oil company? Might I suggest an investment in some very big dogs.

Going to a private residence and somehow trying to masquerade it as free speech or some sort of permissible civil disobedience is not only wrong, it is reprehensible on the part of those who participated in this modern day version of a lynch mob.

SEIU has banned the embedding of this video as well as deleted all the comments on You Tube related to it. To view the video you must go to the link. Why isn't SEIU proud of their domestic terrorism?

Remember the most frequent visitor to the White House is the former president of this organization, which is so interwoven with ACORN as to be almost indistinguishable, and now sits on the presidents economic advisory board. Guess he resigned his post so that he could give himself some sort of separation from these sort of activities, but anybody who thinks Andy Stern is not connected probably is too busy tending to their unicorns to acknowledge it.

When will it be your turn?

Acknowledgements go to Nina Easton, who lives next door to Mr. Baer and shot the picture. Some folks may know her from her frequent appearances on Fox News programs. A H/T to Liberty Chick over at Big Government for bringing us this story.

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