Thursday, May 27, 2010

I See White People

These Democrats really ought to try a little diversity in their party. So many pasty-faced white people may not help get the votes from people of color. Of course a little payola to Democratic Party leader Al Sharpton will soften any hurt feelings.
New York's lineup of all-white candidates on the Democratic ballot this fall is already raising red flags.

"The problem is going to be one of getting enthusiasm in the black community, so they will want to come out and be supportive," said City Councilman Al Vann (D-Brooklyn).

The Dems' gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Cuomo and his running mate Robert Duffy are white, as are the party's candidates for U.S. Senate, attorney general and controller.

As one minority operative quipped of the new Democratic ticket, "Cuomo, DiNapoli & Duffy - it sounds like a Long Island law firm," adding the name of newly nominated state controller candidate Thomas DiNapoli to the mix.

So it was no accident that Cuomo made a quick, unsolicited call yesterday to the Rev. Al Sharpton, during which he sought to assure the civil rights activist that his administration would be diverse.

"Having a diverse administration is very important to me. It will be a top priority for me," Cuomo told reporters.

"You want to have an administration that reflects the diversity of New York. We will."
Oh sure, it'll be diverse. Every single member of his adminsitration will be a Democrat hack, just with a little extra color sprinkled in here and there for diversity purposes.

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