Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dems Applaud Leader of Failed Nacro State

The leader of a failed narco state took full advantage of his time in front of congress today to blast Arizona for their passage of legislation that would deny sanctuary to his drug lords, all to thunderous applause from the Democrats.

I will admit to in the past voting for a Democrat or two, afterall I live in the state that has sent people such as Sam Nunn and Zell Miller, both Democrats, to congress. There used to be decent Democrats at one time in this country, if you can believe it. Those days are gone. The current crop of Democrats are the most anti-American collection of goof balls and social rejects that I have seen in my life.

This display today sent my blood pressure off the charts and I had to calm down considerably before posting this, to allow my anger to subside. I will never, ever, entertain the notion of voting for a Democrat again. No Blue Dog, no pony tailed, no nothing that embraces the Democrat label.

There has been along list of foreign leaders recently who have come to our shores and used the opportunity to blast this country. Most of these events took place at some liberal college or on the floor of the UN, but to go in front of our congress and blast our country and to do so to approving applause is the final straw. I want these people out of office and sent back to whatever communal utopia they think exists so they can spend their time chasing butterflies, unicorns, rainbows or whatever it is they see in their obviously drug damaged brains.

Anybody else who still believes there is such a thing as a good Democrat is deluding themselves, and proclaiming loyalty to the Democrats is certainly an indication of a deeper unsettling mental condition. Perhaps your daddy didn't love you enough or your mommy didn't hug you, but whatever it is, it is an indication of some serious self loathing condition that manifests itself into an outward exhibition of hatred for America.

So this is how liberty dies....

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