Friday, May 28, 2010

My Kid Is Honor Stupid

How bad is the government school system in this country?

This bad.
Hemphill is an honors student at the city's Benjamin E. Mays High School, but she was a few points short of passing the English/language arts portion of the Georgia High School Graduation Test. The state may grant waivers on a case-by-case basis but otherwise requires Georgia graduates to pass all portions of the test. Most school systems -- Atlanta included -- require students to meet all requirements before they can take part in graduation ceremonies.

Folks I can testify that the graduation exam in Georgia is not that tough. My daughter took it while a junior in high school and passed with flying colors. She was not an honors student, or a member of any academic elite society, she just learned early on that it would cut down on the bullying so she flew under the radar.

I have seen two different types of school systems. The DoD (Department of Defense) schools, which she attended while I was serving and the civilian version which she attended the last few years after I got out. She went from a 'A' and 'B' student to a 'C' and 'D' one really quick. Never had trouble at test time which proved she was learning the material, she just got tired of getting threatened and beat up for not doing other peoples homework or helping them cheat on tests. The other thing she learned real quick. Don't let the teachers know daddy had been in the Army. I have nothing but great things to day about DoD schools, and to anybody who has school age kids it actually is just one more reason for considering joining the military.

Least you think this was just a fluke or the student had a bad day, this was her fifth attempt!
In Hemphill's case, she took the test for the fifth time in early March. She got her results back May 11,...

Yeah I am real impressed with your "My kid is an honor student" bumper sticker. That and a four year college degree will get you a job at the drive thru window of Mickey D's in Obama's wonderful economic world of unicorns and golf courses.

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