Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terrorists Are Not Gay

Strange, isn't it, what will get people all riled up?

The anti-gay bias is disturbing, also, he said.

"It's ugly, as well, and it's sorry to see anybody expressing such unfortunate and strong bias against gay people," he said.

That anti-gay bias he is talking about stems from a video posted by somebody, allegedly a soldier, although I can recall the video years ago, of some soldiers on patrol in Iraq and kidding around with some Iraqi kids. At the time it was an indication of the improving conditions in Iraq, because obviously our troops had too much time on their hands and were having some fun.

In one scene some soldiers can be seen bantering with the kids and one asks if they are going to grow up to be terrorists and the kids give a thumbs up. Everybody involved knows these kids didn't understand a word that was said, but what has the civil rights types all bollocks up like a constipated Marlon Brando, is asking the kid if he was going to be gay.

Yup. Asking or kidding somebody about their sexual orientation is much more offensive then accusing them of wanting to grow up to be a terrorist.

In light of the actions of the gay community and their supporters in California after the defeat of the gay marriage legislation I think the connection is fairly valid.

So anyway, another young service member or members are being called onto the carpet for doing something that their counterparts sitting in a college somewhere in America would dismiss as being really amateurish in light of the crap that goes on in frat parties every week.

You know, I am tired of all the people who have such thin skin that they get offended when the color of the bands in their rainbow doesn't meet their expectations and I wish people would just tune them out and leave them blathering to themselves in the corner of the room.

I guess it is okay to have gays in the US military but don't you dare accuse the terrorists of being gay. I guess this attorney is a big supporter of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Just for the record, suicide bombers do not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. There is no such thing as a 'smart' IED.

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