Friday, May 21, 2010

Where 'Smart Diplomacy' Has Brought Us

This pathetic scene is a direct result of our impotent State Department that hasn't the slightest clue what do do when the Iranians hold our citizens hostage. I feel sorry that these women have to go through such humiliation but the fault lies directly at the feet of Barack Obama and his puppet Hillary Clinton. These people are busy trying to humiliate Governor Jan Brewer while the world of the world is laughing at us.
Dressed in black Islamic headscarves and long traditional robes, these three Americans pass for any Muslim woman going about everyday life in Iran.

But unlike their local counterparts, Laura Fattal, Nora Shourd, and Cindy Hickey are desperate to secure the release of their three children, who were arrested by Iranian authorities ten months ago for alleged spying.

In a gesture of goodwill to the Iranian government and a sign of respect to the country's culture, the mothers arrived at Tehran airport dressed in full Muslim garb and each carrying a pink rose for their hosts.

Iran had granted the women visas to visit their children Sarah Shourd, 31, her boyfriend, Shane Bauer, 27, and their friend Josh Fattal, 27, who had been hiking in Iraq's scenic and largely peaceful northern Kurdish region when they were detained on the border.

Through tears of joy and relief, the mothers threw their arms up in the air and rushed to hug and kiss their children in an emotional reunion at the Esteqlal Hotel in the capital.

It was the first time the families had met since the young trio were arrested.

Iran detained the three Americans along the Iraqi border in July and have accused them of spying.

Their relatives reject the accusation and say the three were simply hiking in Iraq's scenic northern Kurdish region.

The mothers, who were still wearing Islamic dress and holding bouquets of flowers, arrived in Tehran in a bid to secure the release of their children.
I wish them luck. A shame their government isn't lifting a finger to help.

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