Friday, May 21, 2010

New Mojave Cross Erected. Not So Fast

I agree with the guys over at TAH, this case of the Mojave Desert cross is entering into the theater of the absurd. The latest update is that a replica cross was constructed and erected while waiting for the original cross which had been stolen to be recovered.

Of course the loyal federal government employee of the month candidate has to come out and say not so fast.
The National Park Service said in a press release Thursday afternoon that the replica cross would be removed.

Late Thursday, Mojave National Preserve spokeswoman Linda Slater told reporters in California that the new cross is illegal and must come down.
So let me get this straight. According to the twisted logic of this government bureaucrat only the original cross can go back up. If the original cross is never recovered, then a criminal has accomplished what the liberals couldn't through the force of the courts and they are alright with it.

Using this sort of logic I guess our White House wouldn't have been repaired after the British sacked it in the War of 1812, renovated the home of Martin Luther King Jr., (you know they didn't use original materials) or any one of a number of sites that have had to be replaced or renovated over the years.

Maybe instead of working so hard to keep the cross out of sight they could use their resources to catch the oxygen thief who stole it in the first place. For those that didn't know there is now a $100k reward for the return of the cross.

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