Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Surprise! Bloomberg Not a Big Fan of SB 1070

This little twerp grows more loathsome and detestable by the day. Just a few weeks ago he implied it was likely an opponent of ObamaCare who left the truck bomb in Times Square and then scolded people for an anti-Muslim backlash that never came. Today the mini-mayor decided it was his business to chime in on Arizona's law to try and control the immigration mess that the federal government won't take care of.

Get a load of this nonsense.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is blasting U.S. immigration policy, calling it "national suicide."

Bloomberg said Tuesday that Arizona would likely be hurt by its new immigration law. It requires authorities to question people about their immigration status if there's reason to suspect they're in the country illegally.

Bloomberg says countries that welcome immigrants prosper.
Of course we always have and always will welcome immigrants. Legal immigrants. Why is so difficult to understand the difference? Obviously the people of Arizona should have a say in their own laws, no? Well, 71% of them support the law, so dummy up, Mikey.

Naturally, he wasn't done smearing Arizonans.
He says the U.S. has had some "disgraceful" and "stupid periods" in which it tried to close its borders.

Added Bloomberg: "Fortunately, sanity prevailed."
Uh, Mikey, national suicide is leaving your borders open, not just opening the door to invading hordes of illegals.

Geez, even the clown in the White House is starting to slowly get the message. Is Bloomberg now going to snidely chastise Obama for trying to secure the border?

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