Sunday, May 30, 2010

LAPD Mugshots Now Covering Up Moobs

It's come to this in politically-correct law enforcement circles. Saving criminals from public humiliation by covering up their man boobs. Now they might want to consdier working on their math skills.
You would think that the Los Angeles Police Department had seen it all before.

But murder suspect Eduardo Ibarra Perez stands out from the rest on their 'Most Wanted List' - quite literally.

His bare-chested mugshot was considered so offensive that the authorities decided to cover his saggy man boobs with a flesh-coloured bar.

The police department's website states Perez had a history of domestic violence and that, during an argument, he threatened to kill his wife.

The suspect then shot his victim in the head.

Why they photographed him naked, however, remains a mystery.

An LAPD spokesman told Mail Online they would provide an explanation at a later date.

His profile lists him as having 'no tatoos or oddities' - and that he was born in 1965, making him a very old 29-year-old indeed - which only adds to his mystique.

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