Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stupidity on Steroids

Well, you figured some idiot had to buy Obama's fantasy tale about his daughter asking when he was going to plug the hole. Maybe if he stuck his head in it that would do the trick. Nothing bigger than that. Anyway, leave it to a clown from the New York Time to actually believe the story, let alone expound on it and suggest she's presidential material herself.

It's Tom Friedman, so naturally there's the obligatory reference to China added for good measure. Must be in his contract that China has to be mentioned in every column.
This oil leak is not President Obama’s fault. Stopping the spill is BP’s responsibility; it both caused it and it has the best access to the best technology to plug it. Of course, as the nation’s C.E.O., Mr. Obama has to oversee the cleanup, and he has been on top of that.
Really? He's been on top of it? Maybe I'm confused but six weeks into this mess and they guy has devoted more time to watching and talking about basketball that he's devoted to the oil spill. Two photo-ops in Louisiana doesn't translate into be "on top of it" in my book.
His most important job, though, is one he has yet to take on: shaping the long-term public reaction to the spill so that we can use it to generate the political will to break our addiction to oil. In that job, the most important thing Mr. Obama can do is react to this spill as a child would — because it is precisely that simple gut reaction, repeated over and over, speech after speech, that could change our national conversation on energy.
Well, the man-child president has reacted like a child. None of it's his fault, blame the bad guys and go about playing games (can't possible miss his precious golfing).

This is what passes for wisdom at the Times. Let's run national policy based on the thoughts--real or imaged--of children. Hey, there's a plan!
Answering those questions is the president’s great opportunity here, but he has to think like a kid. Kids get it. They ask: Why would we want to stay dependent on an energy source that could destroy so many birds, fish, beaches and ecosystems before the next generation has a chance to enjoy them? Why aren’t we doing more to create clean power and energy efficiency when so many others, even China, are doing so? And, Daddy, why can’t you even mention the words “carbon tax,” when the carbon we spill into the atmosphere every day is just as dangerous to our future as the crude oil that has been spilling into the gulf?
Unless they've been indoctrinated in the classroom, and there's a 505/50 chance they already have, what kid out there spends even a second thinking about a carbon tax? Can't we let kids be kids and maybe have some adult leadership in Washington?

Obama's been acting like a kid for his 17 months in office, bullying people and having his thugs do things the Chicago Way. Acting like a child has brought us this mess. Maybe if he actually acted like an adult and took matters seriously he'd be viewed more credibly.

Instead the only thing I'm expecting from him this week is a breakdown of the NBA Finals between the Lakers and Celtics, not any coherent plan for the Gulf crisis.

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