Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whiny Union Thugs Hold Temper Tantrum in Trenton

Remarkably, these spoiled brats sucking off the public dime are also upset with Democrats for only going after a surtax on those earning over a million dollars, which Governor Christie wisely vetoed the other day in record time. No, they actually want to drive people making $400,000 out of the state as well. Considering it's these same taxpayers they want to punish that are paying the salaries for these shiftless layabouts, has it occurred to them more of them will be facing unemployment if they got their way?

Well, can't accuse them of ever being too bright. The most positive thing for them today is their lackeys in the local media will be going wall-to-wall with live coverage of today's temper tantrum in Trenton. Would be nice to see the media giving equal coverage to tea party rallies, but I guess that's asking too much.
State workers, teachers, firefighters, laborers and others with gripes about Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed budget cuts will descend on Trenton today for a massive rally.

Organizers estimate a crowd of up to 30,000, which would make in the largest protest ever staged in Trenton.

“You’re going to see thousands of citizens from across New Jersey gathering in Trenton. Over 100 community organizations have endorsed the rally, and they’re all going to be out there with a very clear message to the governor and Legislature: that we’ve got to stop those cuts and restore the tax on those earning over $400,000 a year,” said Bill Holland, spokesman for Better Choices for New Jersey, one of the groups organizing the rally.

Holland said the rally is also aimed at Democrats, who control the Legislature. Some of the groups spearheading the protest are not satisfied with the Democrats’ millionaires tax bill on households making over $1 million a year, which Christie vetoed Thursday. Instead, they want to reinstate the surcharge on households earning over $400,000 a year that expired last year.

“It’s the only balanced approach to this crisis,” said Matt Shapiro, President of the New Jersey Tenants Organization.
Of course this "crisis" is a direct result of the massive handouts to these same people by Christie's predecessors, but again, these folks aren't all that bright and are likely products of New Jersey's failed public education system.

I wonder whether the media will show us all the derogatory signs directed at the Governor?

Oddly enough the link is running a 20-year-old photo of a past rally in Trenton which was actually a grassroots protest against excessive taxation and then-Governor Jim "Flim Flam" Florio and his tax-eating Democrats. That tax revolt helped lead toward a GOP takeover of the legislature and senate and to Florio's eventual ouster three years later. In other words, those shown demonstrating 20 years ago are the exact opposite of these organized union goons out there today.

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