Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simmons Ending Connecticut Senate Campaign

How's this for sad irony? An actual decorated Vietnam war hero can't get his party's nomination for Senate in Connecticut while a lying sack of fecal matter like Richard Blumenthal gets his.

Life just isn't fair sometimes.
Former Rep. Rob Simmons has scheduled a campaign announcement for 9 a.m. this morning and multiple Connecticut outlets are reporting he’ll end his campaign for the Republican Senate nomination.

The announcement will follow Simmons defeat for the GOP’s endorsement to run against Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

The Connecticut Mirror reports: ‘Simmons has not notified Republican officials or the GOP’s endorsed candidate, Linda McMahon, of his intentions. He did not answer his cell phone Monday night. ‘He keeps his own counsel these days,’ a former GOP official said. But a source who declined to be identified said that Simmons’ staff was told the campaign was ending, bowing to the difficulties of fighting the best-financed candidate in Connecticut history: McMahon, a co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment who is seeking office for the first time.’
Peter Schiff is still in the campaign for now, but he'll likely withdraw and leave the GOP nod to Linda McMahon. I've very dubious of McMahon but given the choice between her and a lowlife like Blumenthal the choice is easy.

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