Friday, May 21, 2010

You Are Safer In Iraq Than Chicago

Yesterday a police officer was slain in Chicago. He was also an Army veteran who had served in Iraq. Two tours. He was killed in front of his house. In front of his father. All for a motorcycle. Done by a group of people who believe they are entitled to what you have worked for. So far the only good news out of this story is that the father managed to put down one of the killers. The others are being rounded up, and no doubt very shortly will be getting the full fawning media attention and back stories on how rough their lives were growing up and how they didn't get the attention as kids.

Wortham's father -- a retired Chicago Police sergeant, a member of former Mayor Harold Washington's security detail and, like his son, a military veteran -- was on his porch when he saw two men approach and try to rob his son, a source said. The younger Wortham loudly announced he was a police officer, then one of the men shot him in the head. Wortham's father came to his aid and shot two of the attackers, killing one -- Brian Floyd, 20, of the 3700 block of South Wentworth, police said. Charges were pending against the injured suspect.
I also wish to call to task the Chicago Sun Times, which in an otherwise good article about Thomas Wortham, the slain officer and Iraq veteran, mentioned his military service, but seemed unable to give a branch. The press reports differ. One source I checked says Army Reserves another says he was member of the Illinois National Guard and was 1st Lieutenant, that means an officer. Even now we have nobody in the press who can verify military information and that is just sad and a disappointing commentary on the state of journalism in this country.

There is just something so wrong with somebody serving two tours in a supposed war zone only to return home and get gunned down on the front lawn.

All four suspects have now been caught, killed or wounded. The gutless wonders didn't have the cojones to shoot it out like I hoped they would so the taxpayers would be spared the cost of a trial.

The video was from earlier and while it states no suspects had been caught here is a link to an article which states that all have been rounded up. One is dead, one is in the hospital wounded, and the remaining two were caught.

And Barry O wanted Chicago to host the Olympics.

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