Sunday, May 30, 2010

Democrat Infighting May Make Them Lose Even More Seats Then Predicted

The Democrats are quickly becoming what they accuse the Republicans of. Ever since the election of the Nancy Pelosi-led Democrat Congress in 2006 and the subsequent election of Barack Obama we have been assailed with stories of how the Republican party is in disarray and filled with infighting, while they ignored stories like how the most liberal elements in the Democrats worked to unseat Joseph Lieberman and promoted the most socialist and liberal among their ranks. The Democrat party is also making it abundantly clear that they are not about listening to the average American and instead insist on pandering to about three demographics. Unions, minorities (gay, black, Hispanic), and teachers. A gay, black, illegal alien teacher is their dream candidate.

Well. it is going on in Georgia also. A conservative Democrat incumbent--an oxymoron in itself--is under fire for voting against ObamaCare. Notice how the reporter once again works from the assumption that since a large portion of the district is African-American, that the more liberal Democrat that the Democrat establishment endorse should be able to win this seat.
Still, Center and other party officials in the southern Georgia district say core Democrats, particularly blacks who make up nearly 40 percent of the district's voters, have grown increasingly unhappy with Barrow's conservative tilt.
So how does it feel to be taken for granted? It seems the Dems are all against independent thinkers and just take it for granted that their political plantation dwellers in the black community will remain loyal to their new slave masters in the Democrat party and do what the masters decree. After all the leaders of the Democrat party believe the African-Americans owe them their vote, and they do pass a lot of legislation and do a lot of pandering to the community to buy their votes.

What really has the Democrat political machine upset with Representative Barrow however is his voting against the Democrat Socialist agenda.
However, Barrow's opponent in the July 20 primary, who says the incumbent has betrayed the party by voting too often against its agenda, says she'll be attending the Augusta event Tuesday with campaign materials in-hand.
All of this is prompted by an upcoming visit to this district by Jim Clyburn (Looney Toons-S.C.) who of course is coming to not only support the more liberal candidate but make an obvious pandering visit to the African-American community in the hopes of getting them out to vote in the upcoming primary and to do what the entrenched powers that be in the Beltway political noise machine want.

Barrow will probably win since this district is pretty much Democrat and the Republicans can't seem to mount a credible challenge for this seat, but the fact that Barrow is drawing the heat of the Progressive wing of the Democrat party is about all you can hope for sometimes. The Democrats, however, are approaching this upcoming election cycle apparently with the philosophy that since they are going to lose seats--a lot of seats--they need to make sure that the ones they do hold on to are filled with the most radical leftists they can find. In races which are deemed safe for the Dems they are promoting the most liberal candidate they can find. And by liberal, I mean socialist, communist, anti-capitalism candidate they can.

I will wait patiently for the stories about how infighting in the Democrat party threatens to cause them to lose seats along with the denials that it is their policies that the Americans are upset about. The Democrats, of course, feel it is simply a matter of doing a bad sales job.

More like a snow job.

All Republicans should be running ads showing the Democrats giving a standing ovation to the president of the failed drug state to our south just to remind the people of who the Democrats admire and respect, and Mr. Barrow, even though you are called a conservative Democrat by our left-wing news reporters, you are still a member of the party that engaged in that despicable act.

If they manage to get some of these Grayson clones elected I look forward to nightly newscasts filled with the insane rantings of the soon-to-be minority party. Oh, they are going to lose seats, but they can't lose the crazy.

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