Friday, May 28, 2010

Too Good to Check: 'Kenneth Starr' Busted in Ponzi Scheme

I noticed this story about a celebrity investment advisor turned Ponzi schemer named Kenneth Starr yesterday and was bright enough to realize that it's not the same Kenneth Starr who was the special prosecutor in the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal back in the late 1990s. I figured nobody would be stupid enough to not see it was that Ken Starr.

But no, some people are just too stupid. Back before there was Bush Derangement Syndrome and many other derangement syndromes to follow (Rove, Fox News, etc.) that the kook left obsess on, the lawyer Ken Starr was the object of unhinged hatred by the left that was all-consuming.

SO naturally, some chump took it and ran.
Is this a belated April Fools’ joke at the Atlantic? Layers and layers of fact checkers and editors getting an early jump on the holiday weekend? In any case, Daniel Indiviglio, a blogger and staff editor at the Atlantic and former investment banker runs this shock headline:

Kenneth Starr Charged With Running $30 Million Ponzi Scheme

It’s followed by this striked-out text:

Somewhere, Bill Clinton is smiling. One-time special prosecutor who uncovered the dirty details of the former President’s affair with intern Monica Lewinsky has been engaged in some bad behavior of his own, according to the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission.

Correction: Apparently there are two famous Kenneth Starrs. The one charged is an investment advisor to the stars, but not the former special prosecutor. Apologies to Bill Clinton if we got his hopes up — and to the other Kenneth Starr.

And the morong apologizes to Clinton first.

Good grief.

Call it defamation by stupidity.

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