Thursday, May 20, 2010

So, Who Won The Game?

Seems the adults in this country need to grow a little thicker skin. Some kids at a high school in Nebraska have been suspended over an incident in which green cards were found on a soccer field, which was the site of championship game. One of the schools in the game has a predominately Hispanic population.
Several Lincoln East High School students have been suspended for making or distributing "green cards" thrown onto the field following the high school championship soccer game.

The cards were directed at Lincoln East's rival in the Tuesday night game, Omaha South High School. Sixty percent of Omaha South's students are Latino, and the green cards were an apparent reference to immigration status.

Folks, I played soccer for many, many years, starting in high school. If I was in a championship game I would look for anything to give me an edge over the competition. If I thought sprinkling green cards on the ground would get into the head of the opponent, then that field would be so pretty and green it would make the blue grass of Boise State jealous.

Just a little more information for those not familiar with soccer there is a carding system for infractions. A yellow card is administered for a minor violation of the rules and is basically a warning. A couple of them and you can be ejected from the game. A red card is an immediate ejection. Once ejected from a soccer game your team must play short handed the remainder of the game. So it is with a nod to this card system along with the current broo haha over illegal aliens that led the students to play this prank.

So I really want to know. Who won? Did this stunt sufficiently unnerve the other team and lead to their defeat or did they prevail in spite of it?

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