Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'I've Heard of Some Pretty Weird Games Like That But Not While Driving'

Is it just me or are kids getting dumber these days? What kind of idiotic stunt is this?
A bizarre game played by four teens ended with a crash Monday night. Police say everyone in the car was holding their breath, and the driver fainted. Investigators told us it's a game the teens have played before.

It happened on Scottsville Mumford Road around 9:45 p.m. Monday. Deputies say the driver, 19-year-old Bryan Parslow of Caledonia and three other teenagers were trying to hold their breath during the time it took to drive through the hamlet of Garbutt. Parslow apparently fainted.

You may have heard of the fainting game or the choking game. The goal is to get a high by cutting off oxygen to the brain. It's a game that has killed dozens of children and teens across the country. We don't know if that's what these teens were playing, or if it was just a dare to try and hold their breath. Either way, it has a lot of people wondering what was going on inside that car before the crash.

"I've heard of some pretty weird games like that but not while driving," said Tim Bayer.

He heard the crash. It happened right near his home.

"We couldn't really come up with any reason for why they would've gone off the road," said Bayer. "So now it makes sense."

Monroe County Sheriff's investigators say the car left the road, struck a tree and then hit a large boulder. All four teenagers were taken to Strong Hospital.

Family members say Parslow broke his right leg. We're told his brother, Sean who is 16, suffered a possible broken nose. David Fox, 19 of Lyons has a broken collar bone and ankle and Brian Sinclair, 19 of LeRoy was complaining about his shoulder and pain on his right side.

Another neighbor, Danette Porter called 9-1-1.

"It sounded like two big bangs and then glass shattering," described Porter.

Investigators say the two teens in the front seat were pinned and had to be extricated.

"It's scary to think that kids would play a game like that when they're coming down a road that's 55 miles an hour," said Porter.

Garbutt is a small hamlet about a third of a mile long, but it was too long for the driver, Bryan Parslow.

Neighbor are just happy no one was seriously hurt.

"Hopefully they'll get their thrills a different way after this," said Bayer.

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