Monday, May 09, 2011

Charming TV Host Mysteriously Having Trouble Finding People to Work for Him: 'Everyone is Laughing'

Hard to believe such a people person like Keith Olbermann can't find anyone to work with him. The clowns at Current TV should have considered what a nasty SOB he is before hiring him.
Gasbag Keith Olbermann can't seem to wrangle staff for his Current TV show, "Countdown." Still in need of an executive producer and other staff, famously difficult Olbermann has crawled back to his contacts at MSNBC, many of whom he offended while there, to beg for staff. "Everyone is laughing," said a source. "They would never leave the network to work for him."
These folks are happy to work for a low-rated cable network rather than suffer with this megalomaniac. Who can blame them?

Update: From the nerve center of the vast Olbermann media empire:
NY Post has today deliberately run a false piece implying no MSNBC staffers have joined me on new show. 5 have plus 12 contributors - so far
He sniffed further.
Post Page Six "reporter" Tara Palmeri told of her inaccuracies, printed anyway, lied "his rep didn't get back to us," mocked my broken foot
Aww. The tantrum continues with his famed humility.
No, I don't expect the Post to tell the truth. I wanted to correct in a venue that has 40% of the Post's circulation: my Twitter followers!
Serious newsman has it all figured out now.
It's Rupert Murdoch. The paper loses money and is solely there to discredit people who threaten his asshole's worldview
Aw, how special.

Thanks to Ed Driscoll for the Instalanche; thanks also to Hot Air for the link.

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