Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Homeland Insecurity Provides Triggers For IED's

In yet another example of feel-good intentions which will only serve to help the bad guys, some geniuses in the federal government, notably the FCC and FEMA, have decided to make it mandatory for certain alerts be sent to your cell phone and for all cell phones to be equipped with the ability to receive these alerts.

This can only serve as a boon to the terrorists since they will no longer have to call their phones being used as triggers. They can simply set the bomb and wait for the alert to come in to do the dirty work.
The alert system will send the emergency messages even if other cell phone voice or text services aren’t working.
Really, does anybody have one lick of common sense in the Imperial Federal Government. Let me guess, nobody in these agencies thought of this, right?

Time to take them on a walk of the Afghan countryside with some EOD folks. I figured it out before I even finished reading the story.

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